DC NATION #0, the just-released new comic featuring three crucial stories that set up this summer’s biggest comic book events is now available at your local comic shop for 25¢.

That’s right, a mere quarter.

No, you’re not reading that wrong. We wanted to offer this thrilling look at what’s ahead in the DC Universe at a price that was so remarkable, there really wouldn’t be any reason for a comic book or superhero fan to pass it up. But if you’re not fortunate enough to live near a comic shop, or have been on the fence about diving into the world of comic books, or just would like to read the book on your tablet, we have another option available for you at an even better price—absolutely free.

DC Nation #0 is now available to read in full for free at your favorite digital retailer, or right here at DCComics.com. You can check out the entire comic below. Enjoy!