This is it, Legends fans. It's all come down to this. All six totems, Mallus—wait, I mean Malice—free from his prison, the crew caught in an impossible gambit, old friends returning, a giant mystically powered plush doll named Beebo storming in to save the world… You know, the usual.

Before we even start to break this episode down a little bit, I think we need to take a second and just let all of this sink in. Now that we've got all eighteen episodes behind us, I think it's pretty safe to say that this was probably the most completely buckwild season of #DCTV ever, and I don't know about you guys, but I loved every second of it. For me, Legends really represents what can happen with comic book superheroes when you take all the guard rails off and stop worrying about how to make them feel grounded or gritty. This season has been a celebration of everything that makes the DC Universe a weird, wonderful, totally wacky place because—c'mon—sure there are threats and real dangers lurking around every corner, but it's still a place where people put on silly costumes and make up cool nicknames for themselves to fight crime, right?

And if you're not going to strive for realism, why not take the ball and run full-speed in the exact opposite direction? You just might end up in an old western town fighting a battle against demon-possessed pirates.

I'm not ashamed to admit that literally all of my guesses for how things were going to wrap up were totally wrong. I assumed the totems were going to have to be used together somehow, but I didn't expect...well, all of this. And I certainly didn't expect a return of just about every friendly face we've met over the last eighteen episodes. Helen of Troy is a full-blown Amazon now! Jax is married and has a kid! Kuasa's not dead, and also a hero! There's no possible way anyone could have seen that coming…unless you did, in which case, mad props to you, my friend. How are you at predicting sports results? Maybe we should take a trip to Vegas.

Of course, with all these comings there were bound to be a few goings to keep things balanced. Rip sacrificed himself, maybe for good. It certainly seems that way, though it's really hard to tell with a character (and a show) with so much time travel in the mix. Is this the actual, real-deal last we'll see of Rip? I can't say, but I have the feeling there might be more to his death than we got to see.

Then there's Amaya, who finally made up her mind about whether or not she would go back to Zambesi or stick with Nate on the Waverider. She chose the former and, not to sound all anti-true love or anything, but I think that's probably the right choice. I'm a little sad to see Amaya go, but hey, at least she didn't erase her memory or anything, so there's probably a better chance of her showing back up at some point than there is a return for Rip, right?

Damien Darhk was the final "exit" after his whole switch-a-roo with Nora,, we've been here before. Also, it's hard to feel even a little bit bad for him after all the stunts he pulled last week (and, you know, the whole plan to break Mallus/Malice out of his cage in the first place.) Don't get me wrong, I've said it before and I'll say it again: I really love Neil McDonough, but I'm happy that the Legends can potentially start facing down other bad guys now.

And speaking of what can happen in the Legends' future now, hoo boy, there's suddenly a whole lot on the table. I've taken the liberty of starting a list for ideas that could be pursued in Season 4. As always, this is just rampant speculation on my part, and I encourage you to join in on the speculating fun down in the comments below.

But here’s what I have:

  • Ava (Jes Macallan) has officially been made a series regular, so here's hoping we get more of the Ava-Clone saga.
  • Constantine's a regular now too! And obviously not all too happy with the Legends and their antics. Maybe Season 4 will be the wacky, time traveling Justice League Dark that we never knew we needed? “Legends of Tomorrow Dark”? Okay, that's less catchy and a bit of a mouthful, but you know what I mean.
  • Remember Lily Stein and her whole baby thing? No? Well don't worry, I'm here to remember for you. I spent the majority of the early part of this season convinced there was something going on there and I'm still not quite ready to let that go. Maybe next season we'll get a look at what it means for an anachronism to have a kid? Or some answers to her mysterious husband? (Probably not but, come on, let me have this.)
  • The Time Bureau is still very much a thing, even though Rip's ostensibly gone. So, what do they do once they're done cleaning up the anachronisms left behind? What will Ava's job become?
  • Jonah Hex is still very much in the mix. There hasn't been any news about him becoming a regular, but hey, maybe we can keep up the tradition of old, weird Wild West episodes rolling into year four.
  • Was it just me or was there a pretty heavy implication that Nora Darhk was absolutely going to make her way back to the Waverider at some point? I mean, now that she's demon-free, that could be a good thing, right? Maybe? Ray would probably think so.

Let me see what you've got in the comments below. It’s the final episode (and my final column *sniff*) of the season, so go for broke! Characters you want on the team, lingering questions you think could use some more exploration, estimations on when Beebo toys are going to actually become a real thing we can buy… Hit me with it all. I mean, if this season proved anything it's that literally anything could happen, so as far as I'm concerned, no theory is too weird or too off the wall.

As always, thanks for taking this ride with me and checking out my columns each week. I especially appreciate those of you who comment and share their thoughts on episodes. Next week, Tamara Brooks will be back to break down each new episode of Supergirl, so be sure to drop in and say hi to her. See you in Season 4!

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