Alright, Legends fans, I know I say this a lot, but there was SO MUCH going on this week. I feel like it may have actually set some sort of Legends of Tomorrow record for the amount of plots intersecting all at once. From Obama to Lord of the Rings (?!) to Amaya in Zambezi to the Darhks to Ava and Rip. Phew!

And with only one more episode left in this season, I don't think things are in any danger of slowing down now. So, with that in mind, let's break this one down piece by piece, starting from the beginning.

If you're anything like me, you probably almost forgot that Grodd was a part of the Darhks' plan, which, if anything, is a pretty major testament to how bonkers this season has been. After all, it's kind of tricky to make a giant telepathic gorilla anything but the most memorable thing on the screen at any given moment. But regardless, Grodd is very much back in play this week. (The last time we saw him, if I'm remembering correctly, was when he killed the Time Bureau director, who I’ll bet is another guy you totally forgot about!)

Beyond being a megalomaniacal telepathic super genius, if there's one skill Grodd seems to have mastered, it's causing huge disruptions in the time stream. So, now we've got him not only trying to murder Barack Obama but also stepping in to be the pinch hitter for Zambezi's destruction…which are two things I can safely say I never thought I would be typing in the same sentence.

While the Obama thing did provide maybe the single most hilarious "run, Barry, run" moment in #DCTV history, I think it's more important to focus on Zambezi in this instance, so we'll circle back to Grodd himself in a second. First, we should acknowledge how he got there: Damien Darhk getting cold feet about the Legends and their plan to set Mallus free.

Okay, so, I know I've spent, like, a ton of time this season waffling about the Darhks and whether or not they should be allowed to be heroes, if only briefly, but this episode really sealed the deal. Damien Darhk sucks. I mean, not only was the whole thing his fault, but coming to the Legends for help, and then immediately sabotaging their plan because he decided he didn't want to go through with it at the 11th hour?

C'mon, man. I've been kind of rooting for this new, funny Damien since the start of this season, but I can now say that I am officially, extremely over it. I'm out of patience for Damien and his sort-of-second-chances. Don't get me wrong, I do feel pretty bad for Nora in all of this, but I really think I might be beyond caring about whether or not she gets redeemed, too. The Darhks have officially overstayed their welcome.

...Though I will say, however brief and ill-fated this partnership was, Damien helping to orchestrate the whole John Noble "pretending to be Mallus" scheme is certainly one of the most bizarre payoffs the show has ever accomplished. Niche Lord of the Rings gags may not always be expected, but they're always welcome.

On the flip side of things, we have Rip, who has been making himself scarce this season, finally confronting Ava about her whole situation…and what a situation it is. We learned tonight that Ava is, in fact, the 12th iteration of herself to serve the Bureau, which is a pretty nasty thing to learn. Rip's questionable morality isn't exactly news or anything, but this is dark even for him.

Thankfully, this Ava has Sara to help her through, even though they have definitely spent the last few episodes on less-than-great terms. It's my sincere hope that the two of them can make things work in the long term, especially into next season. I really want Ava to stick around on the Waverider, if for no other reason than to really stick it to Rip and his extremely uncool, manipulative scheming.

Meanwhile, back in Zambezi, and back to Grodd, things for Amaya and Nate are...well… Let's just say they could be going better. The village may have been saved temporarily, but Grodd saw to making sure that it didn't stick, which means Mallus is officially, terrifyingly, out of his cage.

I don't know exactly what I was expecting for Mallus's true form, but I don't think "actual, literal, winged demon" was on the list. But here we are. Nora is gone, at least for now, and Mallus—despite everything, despite Damien trying to back out of the plan, despite all the complications with Amaya trying to change history—is finally free.

We've only got one episode left, so I want to hear your thoughts on how this is all going to shake out. Is Nora really dead? Am I the only one extremely sick of Damien's nonsense? Does Ava belong on the Waverider? Is the plan to use the totems against Mallus now that he's free actually going to work? And if it does, what will the consequences actually be?

I’ll see all of you in a week when we’ll have our answers and I’m sure have plenty to say!

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