By DCE Editorial Sunday, April 1st, 2018

The World's Greatest Super Heroes sport classic trunks in redesigned costumes.

Since the arrival of Superman in ACTION COMICS #1, trunks have been an essential element of Super Hero design. With the Man of Steel returning to his classic look in this spring’s ACTION COMICS #1000, DC is proud to announce a line-wide initiative that returns its characters to their classic trunks look. Even characters whose original designs never included the iconic outerwear will receive a pants-lift, with bespoke trunks designed by some of DC’s top artists.

Batman? His trunks are back. Wonder Woman? Trunks. Lex Luthor? That guy’s got a whole designer closet full of them (they go over his three-piece suits). Now fans everywhere can rejoice that, indeed, the trunks are back—all of them.

These inspired trunks designs come from some of comics’ most acclaimed creators who spent a painstaking three-month creative retreat making sure each and every pair had its own unique design and rich backstory. While the core designs will start to appear shortly after ACTION COMICS #1000, DC’s tireless artists have created trunks for a variety of future storylines, including Mecha-Trunks™ and Omega Beam Trunks™.

The character redesigns will be an integral component in a special one-shot, DC UNIVERSE: INFINITE TRUNKS #1, following the April 18 release of ACTION COMICS #1000. The must-read issue will introduce the reworked costumes, which tie into a larger mystery involving the Multiverse that will be explored in JUSTICE LEAGUE: NO JUSTICE, a special JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK storyline titled “Unite the Trunks,” and the JUSTICE LEAGUE ODYSSEY crossover “A Lot More Trunks.”

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