Welcome back, Legends fans! Hopefully you managed to make it through this past weekend without having to fight any killer clones or struggle through any existential crises, but if you did, hey, it looks like you made it! So, that counts for something, right?

This week we learned the truth about Ava, something that I've been hedging guesses at for a while now, and totally unsurprisingly, it turned out that every single one of them was wrong! I'm really not doing well this season as far as my theories are concerned.

To everyone who guessed Ava was a robot, you were so close, but no cigar this time around. She may not be completely organic, but she's not mechanical. It turns out Ava is a clone—one from a future where clones (Ava clones, no less) make up the majority of the workforce. What's even worse? Ava herself had no idea.

When it's all said and done, I'm pretty satisfied with this reveal, even if all my guesses were wrong. One of the biggest themes of this season—beyond, y'know, the totems and stuff—has been the idea that each character is more than the sum of their parts. Sara's more than her resurrection, Wally's more than his heartbreak, Nate and Amaya are more than their doomed love affair… You get the idea. The Legends are legends because they can overcome the things that have happened to them and come out on top. This is despite (or maybe in part because of) everything we’ve seen them go through. No matter how many times they get knocked down or thrown overboard, they get back up and keep fighting. I think that really comes through when you look at Ava questioning whether or not she's even actually a person and then realizing that, yes, of course she is. The important part isn't where she came from, it's where she's going.

...At least, to a point. The important distinction to make here is that the whole "where you're going, not where you're from" motif can really only carry a character as far as their own motivations will take them. For the Legends and for Ava, it does a ton of legwork because, for the most part, they're all consciously trying to maintain forward momentum. But for characters like Damien Darhk? Well, things are a little more complicated.

This week we saw an extremely worse-for-wear Nora teetering on the very edge of Mallus's absolute control and a charming-but-kind-of-manic Damien slowly starting to realize that he may have made a mistake in this whole thing.

This has been a realization he's been sitting on the precipice of for about a month now, as much as I'm completely loving how funny Damien is this time around (which, admittedly, might be because I also just love Neil McDonough as an actor), I'm still pretty hesitant to extend the "you're more than your past mistakes" olive branch to him. After all, there are "mistakes" and then there are "repeated attempts at global destruction."

It all gets kind of murky when you start to break it down and it becomes a matter of knowing when and where to start drawing lines in the sand. Nora might be able to come back from all of this (emphasis on might), but Damien? I'm not so sure I want him too, no matter how hard his "torture" scene with Nate this week made me laugh.

But you know who I'm not feeling conflicted about at all this week?

Mick and Zari.

Last season, I was all about Nate and Ray as the ship's dynamic best friend duo, but this time, I'm 100% on board for any and everything Mick and Zari can do together. I want them to be a team at literally every opportunity. I want Zari to proofread and edit Mick's novel (don't think I've forgotten about that—I haven't, and I never will). I want Mick to teach Zari how to cheat at cards. I want the two of them to figure out how to use their respective totems together for some sort of cool combo-attack.

Not only is it super fun to see a best bro dynamic on the ship play out between a man and a woman without any romantic tension at all, it's also something that makes Mick work so much better in general. I mean, just because the Captain Cold and Heat Wave partnership may be done for good doesn't mean he can't strike up something new, right?

Anyway, while Ava revelations, Darhk redemptions and Heatwave bromances are all well and good, with only two more episodes of this season left, we really have to keep our eyes on the prize here. Let's strap in and gear up for the homestretch. If you've got any burning predictions about the finale, toss ’em my way.

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