With the revelation that the destructive Mister Oz was actually his father Jor-El, Superman borrowed the Flash’s cosmic treadmill to take a little trip through time. His goal? To drop by Krypton before its destruction and see whether or not Jor-El survived.

It’s a drastic plan, but it’s a solid one. The problem is that in traveling through time, Superman may have broken it, and if he hopes to restore things to normal and escape back to the future, he’s going to need some help from the guy in gold—Booster Gold! Dan Jurgens not only scripts the return of the futuristic hero he created in ACTION COMICS #994, but he draws it as well, penciling a high action storyline we’re calling “Booster Shot.” In this preview of the storyline’s second chapter, Superman and Booster learn that Kryptonian history isn’t unfolding the way it should, something that becomes clear when they’re attacked after discovering Jor-El is working with Zod. And as if that’s not all bad enough, let us remind you that Krypton has a red sun. That means whatever the Man of Steel is going to do, he’ll have to do without any powers. Enjoy!

ACTION COMICS #994 by Dan Jurgens, Trevor Scott, Johnny Desjardins, Joe Prado and Hi-Fi is in stores this Wednesday.