Kate Kane knows a few things about darkness. She’s lost far too many of her loved ones and faced devastating betrayals by some of the others. If the point of the Scarecrow’s toxin is to reveal her greatest fear…well, he’d do just as well to hold up a mirror. Instead, as we see in this exclusive preview of BATWOMAN #10, plunged into a Wonderland of nightmares, Kate Kane need only take a page from her Gotham City playbook and become something else. Frightening. Fanged. A part-bat, part-fox hybrid in which all of Batwoman’s more relentless qualities run unchecked.

Jonathan Crane doesn’t stand a chance, but his toxin does still bring forth the truth that he seeks through fear—in this case, that truth is about the difference between Batwoman and Batman. And had the Scarecrow known about it before, he never would have dared to turn his syringes toward Kate Kane. Enjoy!

BATWOMAN #10 by Marguerite Bennett, Fernando Blanco, Marc Laming and John Rauch is in stores this Wednesday.