Don’t you hate when you learn that your mother has been secretly running the evil organization you’ve been fighting against for the past year? That was what we learned last week in the pages of Green Arrow. It wasn’t enough that Moira Queen wasn’t actually dead, as Ollie had believed, but she was one of the elites calling the shots within the powerful, evil cabal of financiers known as the Ninth Circle. Now, in GREEN ARROW #34, she’s reaching out to her son for help. But can she be trusted?

The Ninth Circle has taken Ollie’s inheritance away from him. It’s destroyed his home base and his home city. It’s framed him for a murder that he didn’t commit. With a name like the Ninth Circle, perhaps it’s only appropriate that it’s made things for Ollie a living hell. But is it possible things aren’t so black and white? In this exclusive first look at the second chapter in the “Trial of Two Cities” storyline, Moira tells her side of the story. It’s certainly compelling…but is any of it true?

GREEN ARROW #34 by Benjamin Percy and Stephen Byrne is in stores this Wednesday.