If you’ve been following DARK NIGHTS: METAL, you know last issue ended with Superman finding Batman in the Dark Multiverse… and then learning they were both caught in a terrifying Barbatos deathtrap. (But hey, if you’ve got to go, you may as well go electric, right?) Now, if the thought of waiting two whole months before you learn what happens next in METAL #4 has you wanting to smash up a hotel room, fear not (and maybe put down that hotel lamp). This week’s THE FLASH #33 kicks off the multi-issue “Bats Out of Hell” tie-in storyline, which picks up right where those events left off!

“Bats Out of Hell” reveals what happens to the rest of the Justice League as they hunt down the Nth Metal necessary to battle the nightmare warriors of the Dark Multiverse, particularly the seven Dark Knights that have been terrorizing Gotham. And speaking of those Dark Knights, they have a tendency to show up at all the worst times. The Flash and the Red Death have faced off once already—are you ready for round two? More importantly, is Barry?

In this exclusive sneak peek at this first chapter, Barry and John Henry Irons discuss the Crisis-inducing cosmic tuning tower that Bruce just happened to have stashed away in one of his Batcaves. Enjoy and rest up for Wednesday. This issue’s a real face melter.

THE FLASH #33 by Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter and Hi-Fi is in stores this Wednesday.