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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Lions and Tigers and Anachronisms

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Lions and Tigers and...

By Meg Downey Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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Alright, alright, before we even get started this week, can I get a show of hands? Who here was totally expecting Amaya to rejoin the crew right away? I was definitely banking on it, even after we learned that she and Nate had a pretty rocky breakup last week. I mean, c’mon. You don’t save the world by traveling through time just to suddenly give it up out of the blue, right?


Though, apparently maybe she should have. If the stuff happening with her powers is any indication, things aren’t looking particularly great for Amaya right now. In fact, they’re looking so not great that it might actually be a clue as to what’s going on this season.

So, break out your bulletin boards and red yarn, it’s time to indulge in the time-honored Legends of Tomorrow Couch Club tradition of conspiracy theories and wild speculation.

What’s going on with Amaya?

We learned in season two that Amaya had the ability to channel animal spirits or “ashe” through her totem—something handed down through her family for generations. When Amaya would channel an ashe, she’d get physical abilities comparable to the animal she’d tapped into—strength, agility, speed…you get the idea. However, now she’s apparently having trouble controlling whatever ashe she’s tapped into.

We saw briefly last week that Amaya had gained the ability to summon a whole stampede of ashe to attack independently—something she definitely didn’t do back in season two. We learn more about that this week with Amaya’s confession that she’s actually losing control over her powers for...well, some reason even she can’t figure out.

Now, none of this would be particularly weird if it weren’t for the fact that her powers going sideways seem to be directly related to whatever is going on with time. Things didn’t start going wrong until she decided to try and return to Zambesi after trying to make a go of it in modern times with Nate for a bit. Is it possible that whatever Amaya did before time “solidified” produced some sort of side effect in time? And if that’s the case, what does it mean now that she’s back with the Legends?

Who is Kuasa?

As this week’s episode wrapped up, we watched a cloaked figure summon someone out of a lake…and it’s someone who might be a little familiar to you, if you’ve been paying attention to some other DCTV shows (and consider this a #DCTV Secret if you haven’t been watching Vixen!)

Kuasa is the sister of Mari McCabe, the modern Vixen and Amaya’s granddaughter. She’s actually been a featured part in the CW Seed animated Vixen show, which is set within The CW’s shared DC universe, but this is her live action debut.

And the lake she was summoned from? That’s probably because Kuasa has a deep association with the Zambesi water totem, which grants its holder hydrokinesis. this version of Kuasa will relate back to Amaya is still anybody’s guess. Things didn’t end well for her in the animated show, but this is Legends we’re talking about here, so it’s not like time and space can’t be shifted around to bring back the dead and alter the past.

It’s probably a pretty safe bet that whatever is going on with Kuasa is going to play into what’s happening with Amaya’s powers, though. That one just feels obvious.

Who is Mallus?

Something that does not feel obvious, however, is whatever or whoever this “Mallus” thing is. Kuasa’s summoner introduced herself as “a follower of Mallus,” which is actually the second time we’ve heard that name dropped in this season so far. The first was last week with the Time Bureau mentioning that there’s no way the Legends could be strong enough to stop it.

So, that’s pretty concerning, to put it lightly. It’s also pretty heavily insinuated Mallus was either created or empowered by the Legends breaking time, which is even more concerning. There’s certainly no shortage of time-traveling extra-dimensional entities in DC Universe lore to potentially mine from here, but I’m actually leaning into a theory that may or may not have any precedent from the comics.

(And again, this is my occasional reminder that what follows is just my theory and best guess as to what’s ahead. I watch this show every week with you and don’t know any more about it than you do, so I could be totally wrong here.)

You know how Lily Stein is suddenly pregnant? And remember how Lily is literally a time aberration? I’m not saying that Lily Stein’s baby could potentially be some sort of time monster bent on destroying the universe, but...what if Lily Stein’s baby is some sort of time monster bent on destroying the universe? After all, we literally have no idea what the potential side effects of that sort of anomaly being allowed to persist could be.

And if Amaya’s back-and-forth with her decision to go back to the ’40s or stay with Nate is enough to cause a whole bunch of weirdness with her powers, who’s to say that an aberration having a child couldn’t be even worse?

Let’s just say, if all of the team’s efforts to capture and fix anachronisms go as poorly as their attempt at sabretooth tiger wrangling did this week...well, things might get a lot worse before they get better this year. But hey, if there’s anything we’ve learned from two seasons of Legends, it’s that there’s always something to say about a stubborn refusal to give up, even in the face of total catastrophe.

Now that I’ve put mine out there, why don’t you share YOUR favorite Legends conspiracy theories and guesses in the comments below? Also, who’s hungry for some popcorn and cotton candy now?

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