Ever since her battle with Emerald Empress and her Fatal Five, Kara Zor-El has had a rather unusual problem. She’s become TOO powerful. Unable to wield her abilities with any sort of subtlety, she, to paraphrase the great Miley Cyrus (and oh yes, we’re going there!), has been coming in like a costume clad wrecking ball every time she’s tried to save someone. Worried she may actually harm the people she’s trying to help, Supergirl’s been forced to step back and refrain from lending a hand until she gets her powers back under control.

The problem is that she doesn’t know how to do that. Science has no answers… but perhaps the newest member of the Super-family does. Kara’s fought alongside Kong Kenan before, but in this exclusive preview of this week's SUPERGIRL #14, she gets to meet China’s mysterious New Super-Man on his home turf, and is introduced to his philosophical teacher, I-Ching. Will his meditative approach be the cure to Kara’s strange ailment? Or will she lose control and accidentally level I-Ching’s dojo? Either way, you’re not going to want to miss it!

SUPERGIRL #14 by Steve Orlando, Jose Luis, Norm Rapmund and Michael Atiyeh is in stores this Wednesday.