Lois Lane may be a hard-hitting reporter, but we suspect her definition of “hit” is a bit different than the one belonging to her newest subject. In this preview of this week’s SUPERMAN #31, the Man of Steel defuses a hostage situation before things get too explosive (in the most literal sense) while Lois finds herself on the trail of none other than Slade Wilson after witnessing some of his dirty work. Both are putting their lives on the line for the greater good, but only one of them has super powers, begging the question: Which one is the greater hero?

Guest writer James Bonny and artist Tyler Kirkham explore the unique dynamic behind the most famous marriage in comics, while giving us equal insight into Deathstroke’s strangely ethical approach to taking people’s lives. You’re going to cheer for all three…up until the issue’s shocking ending.

SUPERMAN #31 by James Bonny, Tyler Kirkham and Arif Prianto is in stores this Wednesday.