We still don’t know what “Darkseid is,” but we have a pretty good idea of what war between New Genesis and Apokolips looks like after reading MISTER MIRACLE #2. Written by Tom King and drawn by Mitch Gerads, the first issue of this groundbreaking new series found Scott Free trying to escape from death…while looking a whole heckuva lot like what he was really feeling trapped by was life. It was a sophisticated, heartfelt look at life as a super hero and a New God, and the series only promises to get more complex now that Highfather has fallen and New Genesis and Apokolips are at war.

Speaking of which, we have an early look at Mister Miracle on the warfront, as he leads New Genesis forces into battle after battle. Scott makes short work of plenty of parademons as he does, proving that whatever may be bringing him down, he hasn’t lost his skill in combat. (Did you know that parademon blood was lime green and looks like it glows in the dark? Guess you really do learn something new every day!) Enjoy this sneak peek… FOR NEW GENESIS!

MISTER MIRACLE #2 by Tom King and Mitch Gerads is in stores this Wednesday.