DC Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee are always full of surprises during their panels at Comic-Con, and this year was no exception. At this year’s “Meet the Publishers” panel, another comic book icon made an unexpected appearance, storyteller extraordinaire Grant Morrison.

The superstar writer didn’t come empty handed either; he treated the both the Publishers and fans to all new, never-before-seen pages from his upcoming original graphic novel, WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE Volume Two, and fans at the panel pretty much lost it! While showing off black and white pages drawn by artist Yanick Paquette (with whom he collaborated on Volume One), Grant talked to Dan and Jim about his vision for this next chapter of Diana’s continuing journey through Man’s world, what surprises might pop up along the way. In true Grant Morrison fashion, he discussed some of the more “unusual” consultants that are helping him tell the kind of story that made WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE Volume One a New York Times bestseller. 

As loud as fans screamed for that news, they turned it up to rock concert-level when Morrison announced that he would be reuniting with artist Chris Burnham on ARKHAM ASYLUM 2, the sequel to their best-selling 1989 graphic novel. This next installment will take place in a future timeline where Damian Wayne has now taken on the mantle of the Dark Knight.