Not only is our girl Loma Shade a connoisseur of Earth, she’s a fan of the TV show “Life with Honey” and the band the Sonic Booms, but even back on Meta she was going to see live music. Her boyfriend (is he?) Lepuck is in a band, and Loma never felt freer than when she was going to see a band play. Music is the ultimate escape.

After all, music is the intergalactic language.  Not only can we make music, but moons and planets sing.  Suns sing.  The universe sings. Sounds and tones that gut punch feelings.

In SHADE THE CHANGING GIRL, Loma Shade puts on a Madness vest, rides the stream to Earth and possess the body of a teenage girl.  She is now all angst and consequences, and the only thing that helps with that is music. And you can bet that Madness sings.

But how can you make a music list for a book about madness?  It can’t be coherent.  It can’t be safe.  It has to be eclectic.  So with that, Marley and I asked all of Team Shade—Kelly Fitzpatrick, Ande Parks and Becky Cloonan—to also contribute to this playlist.  Each of us pitched in three songs that, to us, emulate the emotional vibe of our book.   

We’ve got songs here that run the range of emotions, moving fluidly from tender to hard to love, pure rage to eternal self-reflection, destruction to hope, and most of all, changes.  It’s what a bird in human plight would listen and relate to.

Come on a sonic journey with Team Shade the Changing Girl.

Cecil’s picks:

Changes - David Bowie
Caught a Long Wind - Feist
Hard Feelings / Loveless - Lorde

Marley’s picks:

Kill V. Maim - Grimes 
Cactus - Pixies 
World Destruction - Time Zone 

Ande’s picks: 

I.O.U.  - The Replacements
I'm a Cuckoo - Belle and Sebastian 
Dead Fox - Courtney Barnett

Kelly’s picks:

Wild One - Suzi Quatro
Ain't It Fun - Paramore
Black Hole, Weirdo Shrine - La Luz

Becky’s picks

Goodbye Gemini - Blood Ceremony
Bewitched - Candlemass
You Are Welcome - Fogg

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