In his “USS Stevens” stories for DC, Sam Glanzman’s time as a U.S. Navy sailor and WWII veteran put the kind of touch on war and combat that you can only get by actually being there. His stories were an important part of DC military titles, including Sgt. Rock, Our Army At War, Star-Spangled War Stories, G.I. Combat and Weird War Tales, and later Joe Kubert Presents. Glanzman showed all different sides of war and the authenticity of these tales made them that much more fascinating to read. Even his war stories for Charlton Comics drew from his experience as a WWII vet, further showing the different ways that people can view war and combat.

“In a career that spanned over 70 years, Sam Glanzman chose to focus on the humanity of everyday people thrust into extraordinary circumstances," said Jim Lee, DC Publisher. "His own service aboard the USS Stevens gave birth to his seminal work about life as a sailor in WWII and informed many of his harrowing and heartfelt stories about soldiers in conflict. The industry will miss the authenticity of his unique voice.”