Welcome back, Legends fans! I have to say, I thought I had covered most of my bases for all the wild theories I’ve been concocting about the rescue and return of Rip Hunter but...man, I was not prepared for this at all.

Here I’d been guessing that the restoration of Rip’s memories would have to come from some combination of the Spear (re)-rewriting reality or some sort of time travel shenanigans—which, I mean, can you blame me? This is Legends of Tomorrow we’re talking about, after all.

But here we are, with our captain restored to us thanks to none other than the totally Inception-flavored efforts of Sara and Jax, entering Rip’s mind to unlock his old self and return him to the fold.

I certainly didn’t expect to come out of this whole endeavor with a new ship. Especially a new ship that includes the...literal ship. (*BA-DUM TISH*)

Okay, but no, really. That was pretty wild, right? Not just that Gideon’s got a (super cute!) physical manifestation in Rip’s subconscious, but that she and Rip apparently have a deeper bond than anyone could have ever predicted.

Far be it from me to get in the way of true love, though.

And speaking of true love, this is probably a good time to take a look back at some other ships and potential ships from this season. Yeah, we may be past Valentine's Day, but all’s fair in love and time travel, right?

So first up there’s the most obvious duo of season 2, Nate and Amaya, who got some uncomfortable reality checks courtesy of Ray about the nature of their romance and the integrity of Amaya’s future-past. Not to be a total buzzkill, but I have to say, I’m with Ray on this one. For one thing, I’m a fan of Mari, Amaya’s granddaughter, who, like Ray explained, totally won’t exist if Nate and Amaya actually fall in love. For another, if anyone’s got a good perspective on the dangers of crewmate romance, it’s Ray.

I’m looking at you, Kendra.

I don’t want to write anyone off just yet, and I’m a pretty big fan of Amaya finding romantic liberation from her repressive 1940s upbringing...but man, I just don’t see this going well in the end for anyone involved.

If Nate really is just unable to give up his affinity for Waverider romances, I’m going to put something a little out-of-left-field on the table: What about Ray and Nate? Color me crazy, but the two of them have really developed quite a friendship over this season and a hook up between the two of them would pretty successfully mitigate Nate’s “destroying the timeline with the power of love” problems. You know, just a thought.

Also, sue me, they’d make a cute couple. Best hair in the crew, for sure.

Another potential ship that’s been itching at my brain for the past couple of weeks: Jax and Lily Stein. I know this one doesn’t have a lot to work with just yet, but I can’t be the only person who was getting some serious vibes from the two of them, right?

More than that, if my concerns about Martin being slowly burned out on the whole superheroing thing are legit, Jax is probably going to need a new Firestorm partner and I’m willing to bet that Lily is just as compatible as her father is. The concept of Firestorm being made up of two people in a romantic relationship isn’t a new one. In the comics, former Firestorm Jason Rusch was temporarily partnered with his girlfriend, Gehenna, to complete the matrix. So it might be a cool new dynamic to explore on the show.

By “cool” I mean complicated and probably super dramatic, but hey, that’s what we’re here for, right?

Then there’s the canonical ship of Sara and...well, just so many historical world leaders, which I have to admit, might be my favorite pairings in the show. I’m not quite sure why Sara’s flings aren’t a genuine threat to the fabric of space-time, or how she always manages to pull off not causing some sort of horrible aberration in the process, but whatever magic she’s working, I hope it keeps up.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Sara’s got the most game in the entire crew.

It’s not that I want Sara to only be allowed to have torrid, temporary romances for the rest of her life, though. I’m really holding out hope that she’ll eventually be allowed to settle down into something that lasts, but so far, I’m not sold on anyone being her real match yet.

And then, of course, there’s the most romantic ship in the show: Mick Rory and fire. Though Mick Rory and beer might be inching closer to taking the lead on that one.

Either way, love springs eternal in the halls of the Waverider.

Do you have a favorite Legends ship? Are you absolutely positive that two (or more?!) characters would be GREAT together if only they’d be given a chance? Make your case in the comments below!

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