Miscommunication. It's a thing and having super powers doesn't mean you're exempt from experiencing occasional instances of forgetting how to communicate with others. In fact, I think it's a shared negative trait by almost everyone on Supergirl. The lack of talking things out came to a head in "Homecoming."

So, Mon-El and Supergirl are officially a couple now. Personal happiness isn't something Kara's had in a while, so I'm on board with seeing her finally carve out time for that portion of her life. She's been killing it on the hero front with National City, she's pretty set in the friends and family department (though she hasn't been super fair to James and Winn recently in regards to the whole Guardian business), but she's often been conflicted about her love life and whether she should have one. Regardless of whether you think Mon-El's worthy of her, you can recognize and applaud that Kara's learning how to balance the juggling act and making more time for herself without letting National City fall into chaos. It's a positive move.

However, Mon-El needs to dial it back a little. Admittedly, he hasn't had a ton of history when it comes to the world of dating, but it's not an excuse. He didn't listen to or trust Kara in the last episode (it's a recurring theme, actually), and he didn't give Kara what she needed until Winn slapped him upside the head and educated him. Okay, he didn't literally slap him, but he may as well have.

On the other hand, Kara needs to open her mind, too. In the case of the return of Jeremiah Danvers, Mon-El wasn't wrong to be skeptical about how convenient it was for Jeremiah to show up at the same time as a nuclear fusion bomb. I found myself agreeing with him long before I knew the outcome of the episode. Hello, Jeremiah has been with CADMUS for years. You let him walk back in, sign up with the DEO again, and don't assume anything is suspect about his miraculous return?! Come. On. That's disappointing.

Equally disappointing is how everyone reacted to Mon-El's suspicions. He made valid points. He could have been less snarky and petulant about expressing his concerns, like, a lot less, but he wasn't wrong. And respect to him for not just sucking it up and being polite because he was meeting Kara's parents in the boyfriend role for the first time. He took a risk by being honest, and Kara didn't give him a chance. Her slapping down his valid objections was just as frustrating as him not listening to her. And Alex? Oh boy, she overreacted.

But. It's family. They've been estranged from Jeremiah for a long time. Emotions are high. I couldn't imagine being in their shoes and being clearheaded. I probably wouldn't want to hear anything about my long missing father being brainwashed or even the slightest negativity towards him. I'd want to welcome back the moral and solid man I once knew. As much as I can try to relate to Alex and Kara's point of view, I can't quite get there because of what they do for a living and because they know what CADMUS is capable of. They could have raised their eyebrows a little.

Don't even get me started on J'onn.

It comes back to family, though. We'll excuse a lot for family. We'll build scenarios in our heads and transfer or project them to real life. No one is immune to it. Not a super hero and not a fancy, trained DEO agent. They're also not immune to the gut-wrenching letdown and betrayed feelings that hit them in the face when they find out the truth about their dad.

Not surprisingly, Jeremiah wasn't entirely himself. He helped CADMUS. There was the whole unfortunate bomb business, and he also lifted valuable information from the DEO in the form of the national alien registry. See, I told you Kara wouldn't have the chance to enjoy a calm period for long. On the upshot, Mon-El did come around at the end of the episode and listened to what Kara needed. I hope he keeps doing that. Having both their abilities on tap, along with J'onn's, is probably going to be key in the days and weeks ahead as they struggle to get the registry back and/or protect all the aliens.

Now, let's talk about a #DCTV Secret. Supergirl used her strength to hold up train tracks so they wouldn't break and send the train car plunging to its doom. Superman has done that at least one other time on the cover of SUPERMAN #123. On the same cover, Supergirl is pulling the train along.

Did you notice other #DCTV Secrets in the episode? Share them in the comments!

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