Welcome back from an especially brutal, cliffhanger-y hiatus, Legends fans! Hopefully you’re all well rested and ready to hit the ground running because this week certainly didn’t give us any time to catch our breath.

Are you ready? I sure hope so.  

Okay, first things first, we have to talk about Rip, right? To quickly summarize: once upon a time, he apparently found and kept the Spear of Destiny—or, at least, a part of it—which is something he kept completely secret, even from Gideon. After time scattering the rest of the Legends at the start of this season, Rip used the spear and the temporal core that powers the Waverider to re-write himself, literally turning himself into a different person, and launch himself back into the past.

Now, obviously, there are a lot of important questions to be asked there, but…really? The technicalities, like how and why Rip came to own the Spear, and why he kept it so secret, are probably the last of the Legends’ problems right now, considering getting Rip to be Rip again is the most logical step number one.

That, of course, is going to be much easier said than done, considering that not only is Rip’s film student alter ego, Phil, currently a prisoner of the Legion of Doom, but if he really did rewrite himself using the power of the Spear, the only way to “fix” him is likely to get the Spear back.

You know, just in case the stakes for keeping the Spear out of the Legion’s hands weren’t high enough already.

But, looking on the bright side, at least Phil had a pretty cool roommate, right?

The Legends have come up against some pretty dramatic, crazy and unexpected aberrations in their day, but I can’t say I would have ever guessed that accidentally robbing George Lucas of his inspiration to become a filmmaker would have ever been added to that list—let alone how deeply personal something like that could have been. I mean, Ray’s fanboy status has been pretty much confirmed from day one, and Nate’s never exactly been stealthy about his own geek credentials, but to learn that they both would be completely and fundamentally different people had they not seen Star Wars and Indiana Jones? That’s a whole other level.

...Or is it? The more I thought about this episode, the less silly that felt to me. After all, we—as in, you know, humans in general—tell stories for a reason, don’t we? Even the most explosively action packed, whip-slinging, lightsaber-battling adventure stories exist to inspire and connect with the people who watch them. The job of fiction is to influence the world around it.

Inspiration for even the most important choices in a person’s life can come from even the most seemingly inconsequential sources. The trick is embracing those sparks when you get them, and not turning your back on them even though they may seem a little bit goofy when you say them out loud. If there’s one thing that both Ray and Nate are pretty good at (because let’s face it, they’re both kind of works-in-progress sometimes when it comes to the superhero’ing front) it’s owning who they are without apologizing.

Which, speaking of not apologizing (albeit for completely different reasons), we should probably talk about Mick Rory for just a second, right? As the president of the Mick Rory fan club, I’ve got to be honest with you guys: I have some concerns. Mick’s inability to handle emotion isn’t exactly new information, but going as far as hallucinating his dead best friend to cope with the guilt?


I really don’t know what we can expect from Mick as we move forward with the rest of this season, and I don’t actually know what hallucinatory Lenny means for the future, either. I pride myself on being an optimist, but I have to admit, nothing about this feels like it’s going to get a very happy ending. Though, if I allow myself to indulge in some completely unprompted wild speculation, I take comfort in the knowledge that one of the biggest driving forces in this season is an artifact that can rewrite reality itself. Now, obviously I’m not saying that Mick and Lenny are going to somehow magically be able to work out all their issues and go right back to being Rogues together with the help of the Spear of Destiny, but...a girl can dream, right? It’s certainly a solution that’s at least a little bit on the table, right?


Please, if you have any theories about where Mick’s going to end up (physically, but, you know, mentally too) as this season goes on, share them with me! I would really love to hear them.

One last thing before I sign off on this week—we can’t forget a little #DCTV Secret! It’s a blink-and-you-miss-it line, but Nate admits to naming the Legion of Doom after a Hanna-Barbera cartoon he used to watch as a kid. The cartoon he’s referring to is a real thing! It was called Challenge of the Super Friends, and it’s the actual origin of the Legion of Doom and their revolving roster of villains.

Now I’m going to try something a little different and turn it over to you: Have you made any big life decisions based on inspiration from a totally geeky source like a movie or a comic? Let me know in the comments!

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