Look, who doesn’t like a good rematch? And we got an absolutely great one this week in BATMAN #13, the final issue in Tom King and Mikel Janín’s taut “I Am Suicide” storyline. For the past two months, Batman and his own personal Suicide Squad have infiltrated Santa Prisca, the island prison that’s home to Bane—the brilliant, powerful bruiser who is one of the only villains to ever defeat Batman in hand to hand combat. It’s all to retrieve the Psycho-Pirate, the mind-altering villain who resides at Santa Prisca under Bane’s protection.

Batman knew that getting the Psycho-Pirate meant also defeating Bane at his home, where he held the advantage. And for a while, it seemed like Batman was destined to fail. His team was in tatters. Punch and Jewelee were seemingly dead, Bronze Tiger was captured, the Ventriloquist was lost and Catwoman appeared to betray Batman to Bane.

But even in Santa Prisca, things aren’t always what they seem. Bronze Tiger escaped his cell and rescued the Ventriloquist, Punch and Jewelee weren’t as dead as they seemed, and Catwoman…

Well, let’s just say her betrayal was Batman’s way of gaining the upper hand in one of the most hardcore ways possible.

YOWCH!!! Hopefully Bane has a good chiropractor stashed away wherever he keeps his pants. (Seriously, dude, we know it’s your home and all, but put something on. That throne of skulls has got to chaff.)

It turns out Catwoman’s betrayal was orchestrated to put Bane off-guard and make sure he brought out the Psycho-Pirate. With the Psycho-Pirate now in hand, the crew hightails it home. But not before Batman has some choice words for Bane.

Well, that’s not good. Bane was bad enough off the venom. The Dark Knight may have won this round, but the fight between these two is far from over. See what happens next when Batman returns on January 4, 2017 in an all-new storyline!