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This Just Happened: Is Green Arrow...a Murderer?!?

This Just Happened: Is Green Arrow...a Murderer?!?

By Tim Beedle Friday, December 9th, 2016

Times may be difficult for Oliver Queen, but they’re going great for his emerald-colored alter ego when this week’s GREEN ARROW #12 begins.

Having lost his home, identity and his company, Oliver’s relocated to the Rainier forest, where he’s built a magnificent home in the trees (reminiscent to the one belonging to another green archer and his merry men). And yet, while Seattle may think Oliver Queen is dead, the city’s also pretty enamored with Green Arrow’s fight against injustice—a fight that comes to a head when a video of Green Arrow taking on an abusive cop goes viral.

Green Arrow may be a hero of the people, but he’s made quite a few powerful enemies, none worse than the CFO of his family’s company, Cyrus Broderick. It was Cyrus and the cabal of sinister bankers he’s a part of that destroyed Oliver Queen…but it turns out that was only the beginning of Cyrus’s frightening vendetta.

Meanwhile, Green Arrow and Black Canary investigate the site of a violent incident at a known drug house, where reports of gunshots and a fire have given way to…nothing. Oddly, there were no victims found on the scene and there’s evidence that any drugs were flushed, making it unlikely that it was the work of a rival gang or dealer.

Ollie and Dinah do get a clue, however, from a homeless man who they found scavenging the house and who got a glimpse of the perpetrators.

Strange, for sure. But Green Arrow’s about to have a far bigger problem at the hands of Cyrus Broderick, because while he was scratching his head over what happened at the drug house, this happened…

That first victim is the head of a pharmaceutical company who has feuded with Green Arrow. The second group of victims are part of a homeless enclave that he’s helped in the past. And that final one is a reporter who had been hosting an investigative series on him. In short, this is going to look very, very bad for our Emerald Archer.

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