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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Face-to-Face with Jonah Hex

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Face-to-Face with Jonah Hex

By Meg Downey Thursday, November 17th, 2016

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Howdy, Legends fans and welcome back from our second successful jaunt into the Old West! So kick off your spurs, dust off your coats, and hang up your cool cowboy hats because we’ve got a lot to talk about this week. After all, they don’t call it the “wild west” purely for the sake of alliteration.

So, this was our second encounter with the infamous Jonah Hex, and it looks like he’s been keeping himself plenty busy since we last saw him. And by “busy” I mean that in the Old Western sense, so, you know, getting into a lot of really dangerous predicaments. Luckily for him (and for us), Hex is more than capable of handling himself.

...Most of the time.

Other times, it’s pretty fortunate for him to have a gaggle of time traveling allies (...or, well, maybe “frenemies” is a better word) who can help bail him out.

Now, if you’re anything like me, you may have found yourself craving a little extra Jonah Hex 101 after this episode, and guess what? You’re in luck! I had the opportunity to speak with the man himself, actor and Hex fan Johnathan Schaech, on just what goes on inside the head of the frontier’s most fearsome bounty hunter, and just how that informs his relationship with our Legends.

Let’s dive in!

Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me, Johnathan. To start out, can you talk a little about the way you approached Hex as a character coming into the show?

Well, I got sent the audition and the studios were basically right across the street and I grew up on the comics of Jonah Hex. I couldn’t believe that they would see me for that part. So I went there and there were guys dressed up as cowboys, short guys, tall guys, light guys, dark guys—one of them had even glued his lip together. But, you know, reading the comics and reading the material that they wanted, I’ve always felt like I just kind of know Jonah Hex. He’s just a guy who—he’s an antihero, so he’s somewhere between good and bad, he does what he feels is right, but it isn’t always right.

Speaking of Jonah as a kind of “antihero,” this episode brought a new element to his story in the introduction of his arch nemesis Quentin Turnbull. What was it like to bring an antihero like Hex up against a villain of his own?

Turnbull is pure evil. Turnbull’s got greed in his blood. And he hates Hex, he believes that Hex is a turncoat from the confederacy—which isn’t actually true. Hex left the confederacy when he found out they were fighting over slavery because Hex was actually a slave at one time. That’s really where that rift between them started. It’s grown over the years, and Turnbull became more and more greedy, taking advantage of the people who couldn’t fight back. Hex started to go up against him each and every time. He had no problem doing it.

So as far as being an “antihero,” he may not always do the things that are “good,” but he’s a very righteous man.

This is actually the second time we’ve seen Jonah in Legends, which has established that he has a pretty complicated relationship with time travelers. Obviously with Rip, and then we have him now butting heads with Sara. Do you think these interactions with time travel have affected him positively? Or do you think he kind of wishes he’d just never been a part of any of it?

I think that he knows that there’s a “bigger purpose.” Not necessarily in a religious way, though he definitely believes in God, he wears a cross. He was raised by Native Americans, so he knows a sort of spirituality, conscious or unconscious. So when someone comes from the past, or the future, and asks for something of him, he knows that they’re serving some purpose and that he’s part of it in some way. So, he does like Rip.

If it has anything to do with physics or algebra, he’s out. He just doesn’t deal with it. But when it comes to taking out somebody who’s pure evil, he knows that he definitely has the capability to do that, so he will assist whoever is asking him for help.

Hex has been shown all these things and he’s just ready to go along with it because he knows that there’s more than just him. He’s annoyed that he has to do it, but in some way he just knows that he has to do it.

And then in this episode, even though Rip’s not around—he doesn’t know where Rip is, but he understands that because the way the world has worked for him, Rip will come back around. So he’s not worried about finding him. And I honestly don’t know what’s going to become of Rip, they didn’t tell me, but for , he just feels like “Sure, uh huh, there he goes again.”

So now that Rip’s not around, he has to deal with Sara, which is a new thing for him. You know, taking orders from a woman, which is something that kind of baffles him. But at the same time he accepting because she is pretty exceptional. He doesn’t like taking orders from just anyone, but both Sara and Caity Lotz herself are exceptional.

And to wrap things up, a theme this season in Legends has been characters coming up against and facing fears. What would you say is a fear Hex has to come to terms with?

Love and being vulnerable. Hex definitely has a fear of vulnerability.


So, there you have it, a peek into the mind of one of DC’s most eccentric antiheroes. With any luck, this won’t be your last encounter with Hex or his world. After all, in a show about jumping through the timestream, anything’s possible, right? And I, for one, would love to see Hex and Rip reunited.

Now, of course, Hex wasn’t the only major element of tonight’s episode, we got a few major developments in our main crew as well! Let’s do a quick rundown:

  • Something is happening to Stein’s memory, probably as a result of his interactions with his younger self...but what does that mean for his wife?
  • Ray’s finally got a power source for a new suit! Which is great for him, but maybe even better for Mick who will finally be able to escape the crushing second hand embarrassment of trying to teach him how to be as cool as Snart. Take your wins where you can get them, Mr. Rory.
  • The items that Thawne is collecting don’t seem to have any sort of context in history...but what does that mean? And if that’s the case, where are they coming from? Or, more importantly, what do they do?
  • Before Ray put his energy into making himself a new Atom suit, he decided to be a super great friend to Nate (and also provide us with this week’s #DCTV Secret). The suit Ray designed and crafted for Nate’s “Steel” alter ego is almost an exact recreation of Nate’s suit in the comics. He may have dropped the ‘Citizen’ qualifier on his name for the show, but he’s got the look down pat!

Did you notice any other #DCTV Secrets along the way this week? Would you like to see more of Hex in future episodes? Let us know in the comments!

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