In this week’s issue of ACTION COMICS, Clark and Jon return home from some father-son time and discover that Lois isn’t home. While Clark explains to Jon that Lois might want to go back to work at the Daily Planet, the two become increasingly worried about where she could be.

Lois, however, is back to her reporter roots, as she has discovered a secret message from this world’s missing Lois Lane. When she goes to her doppelgänger’s apartment she comes across something even more unexpected—Superwoman! Lois is going to have some difficulty explaining that she is also Lois Lane, and what she is doing in this Lois’ apartment. But why is Superwoman there? Find out in this week’s ACTION COMICS #966 “Lois Lane, Back at the Planet” Part Two, from writer Dan Jurgens and artists Stephen Segovia and Art Thibert!