In this week's issue of NIGHTWING, Tim Seeley and Javier Fernandez' "Better Than Batman" story continues with the first of two "Rise of Raptor" issues.  And with the new storyline, Nightwing's old Spyral partner Tiger is brought in!

Together on a mission to take down a small group of The Parliament of Owls, Dick and Tony were interrupted by a Kobra assassin who wasn’t interested in bringing the Owls to justice like Raptor promised Nightwing—the Owls were eliminated! Raptor’s methods have crossed the line! Nightwing heads to Istanbul to apprehend him.

Then this just happened: Raptor drugs Nightwing and takes him out of play.

Then this just happened: Raptor publicly kidnaps Bruce Wayne!

Find out why (there’s a brilliant Flying Graysons connection between Raptor and Nightwing!) by reading this week's NIGHTWING #7 from writer Tim Seeley and artists Javier Fernandez, Chris Sotomayor, and Carlos M. Mangual.