In this week’s issue of THE FLASH, August Heart, once a friend of Barry’s as he attempted to teach him to control his new powers, has become Godspeed! And he is no longer interested in locking up criminals and allowing the justice system to try and put the bad guys away. If he wants to avenge the innocent, he must take matters into his own hands.

As The Flash attempts to fight Godspeed, Godspeed reveals how his speed has increased and what happened to the other speedsters: He pulled the Speed Force from them and killed them! Though he never meant to hurt Meena and the others, he had to become faster in order to save future innocents who might be killed by a speedster like Zoom.

But there is a flaw in his plan. Though he is able to now split himself and be in two places at once, the physical reality of dividing the Speed Force is painful. While August is distracted by his pain, Barry uses this chance to escape and recoup.

Barry arrives at the training center, and reveals that August is Godspeed! What can he do? How can he stop the friend he trained who’s powers have now surpassed his own? When Wally West shows up, he’s furious that instead of stopping Godspeed, Barry is sulking.

Then this just happened:

If Barry won’t avenge Meena, then Wally will! But soon Barry gets through to Wally, that avenging her death is no better than Godspeed.

Then as Wally explains that he felt the Speed Force grow when he made the choice to become a hero, Barry gets an idea on how to stop Godspeed—he will ask the speedsters to willingly give up their powers, also saving their lives. The plan works! Barry and Wally are left with the speed of the others.

All too soon, Godspeed arrives. And he reveals his next plan—to kill all the inmates of Iron Heights!

Can The Flash stop him from his spiral into becoming a villain?! Find out more by reading THE FLASH #7 from writer Joshua Williamson and artists Carmine Di Giandomenico, Ivan Plascencia (colors) and Steve Wands (letters)!