If singing were a super power, you could make a good case that Idina Menzel is Wonder Woman. The Tony Award-winning singer and performer with the powerfully recognizable voice is arguably the most widely recognized Broadway star in the country. Menzel is well known for her iconic roles in musicals like Wicked, If/Then and Rent and has stood out in memorable supporting roles in Glee and Enchanted. But to millions of children and adults worldwide, she will forever be known as the voice behind Elsa, the magically-imbued queen in Disney’s smash blockbuster Frozen. Her standout song in that movie, “Let It Go,” is one of the most popular songs of all time and has been streamed over 155 million times.

Seriously, if that’s not a superheroic feat, we don’t know what is. So of course we asked Menzel if she’d mind assembling our latest Wonder Woman 75th Anniversary playlist. Her sure-to-please list features over twenty different artists from all throughout popular music, including Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, No Doubt, Stevie Nicks, Diana Ross and more. You’ll find the full playlist below, along with Menzel’s thoughts on the first five of her selections.


“Do Right Woman, Do Right Man” – Aretha Franklin

When I sang at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs is when I first started listening to Aretha. I was 16 years old and I would try to copy every note. The higher she sings, the more effortless it sounds and that has always been my goal—in singing and in life.

“Video” – India.Arie

When “Video” came out, I fell in love with India’s voice. She has always had such strong sense of who she is as an artist and as a woman. I love that the song is really pared down—acoustic guitar and voice—she doesn't need to hide behind anything.

“I’m Coming Out” – Diana Ross

I just love this song. I would dance around my room singing this with a toothbrush in my hand as a microphone.

“Enough is Enough” – Barbra Streisand & Donna Summer

My sister and I grew up singing “Enough is Enough” together in the living room.  I, of course, sang the Barbra part and she sang Donna.

“That Thing” – Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill is one of my all time favorite voices. She has so much power, grit and wisdom in her voice. I wish we could hear more.

You can also find Menzel’s Wonder Woman playlist on the official DC Spotify Profile. Look for her latest album, "idina," in stores on September 23rd. Click here to pre-order it.