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This Just Happened: Who is Superwoman?

This Just Happened: Who is Superwoman?

By Nicole Valdez Friday, August 12th, 2016

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t yet read #1 from brand-new series SUPERWOMAN and don’t’ want to know what happens, stop reading this post now (spoilers ahead!)

In the debut issue of SUPERWOMAN, following the events of the death of Superman, other supers have taken on the mantle: Lex Luthor, a secret Superman from another world, a New Super-Man and now… Lois Lane.

When Superman died, Lois was blasted with energy… his energy… and now has been imbued with his powers. But she’s not the only one! Lana Lang, also present at the time of his death, was hit by the solar blast as well, and together Lana and Lois are the Superwomen!

Lois, knowing Lana helped Clark learn to control and harness his powers, turns to her for help, and though the two have never really gotten along, they begin to trust and confide in one another, determined to carry on Clark’s legacy to bring peace to the world. But they face another problem: these powers are beginning to kill them. Only time will tell how much damage that is being inflicted each time they use their powers.

Now, Lex Luthor, the new resident Superman of Metropolis, is unveiling his latest creation to the world: The Gestalt, a giant battle cruiser. Without any warning something begins to attack the vessel, putting all of those on board and on shore in danger. Lois quickly dives into action as SUPERWOMAN! But the effort to save everyone present has become too great. Who will she call?

Lana Lang, Superwoman by fate, joins Lois in the sky! Together, Blue and Red, this Super-Squad prevents a major catastrophe, and hundreds of lost lives.

But that’s not all. As the team begins to assess the damage, and to look for those who may still be trapped on the ship, Lois and Lana discover a grizzly scene: the scientists in a secret lab onboard have been killed!

Then, out of nowhere a terrifying monster attacks, throwing Lana across the room! Lois attacks back, shielding Lana and battling this unknown foe. Before Lana can help, Lois begins to glow…

And this just happened:

And then there was one.

Find out more from writer and artist Phil Jimenez with inks by Matt Santorelli, colors by Jeromy Cox and letters by Rob Leigh in this week’s SUPERWOMAN #1! And be sure to find out Who Killed Superwoman next month, 9/14 in #2!