In this issue of AQUAMAN, the King of Atlantis has been taken into custody by United States’ Homeland Security after the recent attack against the USS Pontchartrain. With many soldiers killed and the kingdom of Atlantis seemingly at fault, this can be seen as an act of war by the underwater kingdom! 

Aquaman, determined to try to maintain good relations with the surface world, willingly allows himself to be locked up until the two governments are able to reconcile what happened, and who may be at fault.

Meanwhile Mera wants answers as to who started the unauthorized attack on this US ship and why Arthur continues to be held in custody after stating that their kingdom did not condone this. Tula, the Regent in Atlantis, has sent out their own warriors to assess the wreckage and see what information may be found at Mera’s request.

The wreckage is littered with lost lives and damage created by Atlantean War-Tech. And then a single Atlantean war sword is found, and now Tula knows that this act of aggression… was meant to frame the kingdom. But before they can escape to contemplate this traitorous act the US military has arrived and found them at the crime scene!

As Arthur Curry remains jailed, and Mera now being accused of ordering attacks… the future Queen of Atlantis has had enough. The only way to find out who is framing the nation is for Aquaman to return to the sea.

Then this just happened:

As Arthur and Mera make their escape, however, they’ll have to find a way past the US Military! And the real masterminds behind this plot continue to bide their time as relations between land and sea diminish.

Find out more from writer Dan Abnett and artist Phil Briones with colors by Gabe Eltaeb in this issue of AQUAMAN #4, and don’t miss AQUAMAN #5 due out 8/17!

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