In the one-shot of SUICIDE SQUAD: REBIRTH, the President of the United States wants to shut down Task Force X, the squad of the worst heroes the world as seen. But Amanda Waller appeals to him, and the need for having bad guys doing the dirty work that the government can’t. She suggests that all the team needs is a moral compass… and she has just the man.

Colonel Rick Flag, a soldier and war hero, was marked as a traitor and banished to a secret military prison where no one knows he exists. No one, except Waller. She approaches Flag with a proposition: stay behind bars, or become the leader and good guy of the Suicide Squad.

Find out what’s to come from writer Rob Williams and artists Philip Tan, Jonathan Glapion, Scott Hanna, Sandu Florea and Alex Sinclair by reading SUICIDE SQUAD: REBIRTH #1. And remember to look for SUICIDE SQUAD #1 coming 2 weeks later on 8/17!