Our small screen heroes made quite a big impression last weekend at San Diego Comic-Con with a series of standing room only panels featuring the casts and producers. Attendees were treated to no shortage of hints about where shows like The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow and Gotham are going when they return in the fall or midseason along with some lively Q & A sessions. However, what really got the convention center buzzing were the highlight reels and next season first looks that premiered at the show.

Flash fans got their first sense of what the show’s take on “Flashpoint” is going to look like. Arrow viewers found out who Oliver Queen will be facing next year. We got a taste Gotham’s Court of Owls, learned what’s next for Lucifer and discovered that DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will be battling the Legion of Doom.

But if you weren’t there, don’t worry. Thanks to the fine folks at Warner Bros. Television, all of the clips are available online. You can find them all on our YouTube (you ARE subscribed, right?), but to make things even easier for you, we’ve placed them all below along with a few quick thoughts. Please be aware than many of the clips contain SPOILERS from the past season.


The brainy Vertigo adaptation kicked things off at Comic-Con with a lively panel featuring the show’s executive producers and cast. Sadly, the iZombie highlight reel doesn’t feature any footage from next season, but it’s still a blast to watch.



Lucifer’s premiere season ended with a stunner of a cliffhanger, and the show’s Comic-Con trailer gives us a little glimpse of its aftermath…and more great Lucifer and Chloe banter.



Things can always get worse in Gotham, and the city looks to be spiraling out of control as Gotham enters its third season. We’re curious to discover if there’s any coming back from the choices that Gordon made in Season 2. But as Scott Snyder fans, we’re most excited to see more of the Court of Owls. Do you think we’ll hear the rhyme?


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

There’s plenty of excitement ahead for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Or is the excitement actually behind? It’s always hard to tell on this time traveling super hero show, which will feature both the JSA and the Legion of Doom next season. Legends’ thrilling Comic-Con trailer hints at both of them.


The Flash

Last season’s amazing finale ended with Barry going back in time to save his mother’s life from the Reverse-Flash, an act that should be extremely familiar to DC fans. The Flash’s crowd-pleasing SDCC trailer features plenty of footage from the Season 3 premiere, “Flashpoint,” giving fans a hint of how the iconic storyline will be interpreted on the show.



Green Arrow’s getting some new help next season by way of Evelyn Sharp and Wild Dog. He’ll need it if he hopes to defeat the latest Star City villain: Prometheus. According to series star Stephen Amell, Arrow is returning to its street level roots next season, something that’s clearly on display in the show’s trailer.



Comic-Con’s final #DCTV clip is an action sequence from Season 2 of Vixen, CW Seed’s digital animated series set in The CW’s shared super hero universe. Along with Megalyn E.K.’s Vixen, it also features the Flash and Firestorm.


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