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Preview Monday: Detective Comics #936!

Preview Monday: Detective Comics #936!

By Nicole Valdez Monday, July 11th, 2016

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday. This week we bring you a special look at DETECTIVE COMICS #936!

In this issue of DETECTIVE COMICS, as Batman is M.I.A., Batwoman must take command in training the recruits! But will she be able to live up to the leadership role of her military father?

Then Red Robin discovers that Batman has been attacked and beaten by a group called The Colony. And their military fighting form is all too familiar to Batwoman. Will she be able to lead her new strike force against this mighty bat army? Find out more from writer James Tynion IV and artists Alvaro Martinez (pencils), Raul Fernandez (inks), Brad Anderson (colors) and Marilyn Patrizio (letters) in this issue of DETECTIVE COMICS #936! And stay tuned for DETECTIVE COMICS #937 hitting shelves 7/27!