These secrets might help Barry find his way back.

Barry's vanishing act put him inside the Speed Force in tonight's Kevin Smith-directed episode. While he faces some inner demons and tries to return to his friends, the S.T.A.R. Labs team confronts a different kind of problem: a reanimated Girder. Oops. Don't you just hate when a particle accelerator explosion doesn't go the way you expect? Team Flash does their best, and they pull the cover back on these mysteries along the way:

  • Hanging out with the Speed Force
  • Who's the zombie?
  • The Runaway Dinosaur author

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Don't run any further if you don't want to know any more. But of course you do and you will.





Becoming One with the Force—the Speed Force

Barry spends some quality one-on-one time with the Speed Force as it takes different forms. This is familiar territory to fans of the comics, where the Flash has entered the Speed Force at various times. In THE FLASH: REBIRTH, written by Flash co-developer Geoff Johns, Barry accelerated and ran into the Speed Force willingly. He found speedsters Max Mercury and Johnny Quick imprisoned there by Zoom. The speedsters were able to escape by focusing on people they care deeply about outside of the Speed Force. Iris served as Barry's anchor, like she did in the episode.

Max Mercury

Wally West's Flash had an encounter with the Speed Force too, and he also had an anchor to guide him out in THE FLASH #100. Max had told Wally the Speed Force was like speedster heaven and a place no one could return from.  However, Wally did, and it was his strong love for Linda that brought him back home.

You Can't Keep a Metal Man Down

Tony Woodward, A.K.A. Girder, is brought back to life thanks to the little mishap caused by Harry. The character was introduced in Season One and is played by Greg Finley. It's particularly amusing to see Girder in undead form here because Finley also plays the zombie Drake on fellow #DCTV show iZombie. Hence Cisco asking, "Is iZombie still behind you?"

We see what you did there, Cisco.

Prehistoric Creators

Barry's beloved childhood book, "The Runaway Dinosaur," is written by one Ethan Rhys Helbing. The author's last name is borrowed from Aaron and Todd Helbing, executive producers and writers on the series.

Who are all those metahumans who have joined Zoom's party? You think we're going to tell you now? No. You'll have to wait until next week. See you then!