In this issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA, Earth’s greatest heroes must face Rao, the Kryptonian diety claiming Earth and its inhabitants as his own. As Superman, aided by Aquaman and Wonder Woman, attempts to take Rao down, he comes to the horrifying realization that Rao is connected to his followers life force, and to kill him would be to kill humans by the millions.

What can he do? It seems Batman, Cyborg and Silas Stone already have a plan for this, but it will take the full might of the League to make it work. They transport them all to the new Metropolis power plant where the rest of the team is waiting with Parasite, who the team must utilize to drain Rao of his power, and cut the connection.

With the power of Aquaman’s trident, Wonder Woman’s lasso, and the Flash’s access to the Speedforce, Parasite consumes it all, and twist! Cyborg steals it all away from Parasite and funnels it into the plant emitters to electrocute Rao! As the full force of this electrical surge hits Rao, he is disconnected, saving his followers lives, and leaving him nearly destroyed.

Then this just happened:

As the League cleared the area, Superman knew he must stop Rao, and that meant sacrificing himself to ensure Rao was hit. 

What just happened? What does this mean for the future of JLA? Find out more in the next issue from writer Brian Hitch and artists Daniel Henriques (inks), Alex Sinclair (colors), and Chris Eliopoulos (letters) in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA!

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