In Prison, There’s Plenty of Time to Ponder Secrets

Gordon finds himself between a rock and a hard place as the newest inmate at Blackgate Penitentiary.  Things only get worse for him after he’s placed in general population by the crooked Blackgate warden.  Now, each day is a fight for survival as Jim lives among many of the Gotham City lowlifes that he helped put behind bars.  Through the chaos, they still managed to sprinkle in a #DCTV Secret you’ll be eager to find talk about!

  • Remember the Red Hood Gang?

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The Blackgate Gordemption

Tonight’s episode had the Warden’s hired gun, inmate Weaver, mention that his brother was a member of the Red Hood Gang.  Although we were introduced to the gang in Season 1, many may have missed the true significance…

The Red Hood has a deep-rooted history within the DC Universe—particularly for Batman.  Making his comic book debut in DETECTIVE COMICS #168, the Red Hood was a criminal who wore a red, domed mask with a matching red cape.  A failed attempt to rob a chemical plant left him cornered by Batman.  With no other options, the Red Hood leapt into a vat of acid and swam to freedom.  The acid left him permanently disfigured.  His new appearance of green hair, white skin and red lips drove him insane and ultimately turned him into Batman’s greatest foe…the Joker!

In 1988, Alan Moore wrote what is widely considered one of the greatest Joker stories: THE KILLING JOKE.  In it, Moore added a slight tweak to the Red Hood origin story; making him a struggling stand-up comedian, and former chemical plant employee, who was desperate to make a better life for his pregnant wife.  Agreeing to help lead the Red Hood gang through the chemical plant in order to rob the neighboring card factory, he is cornered by Batman.  In a panic, he leaps into the vat of acid and the rest is history. 

Over the years, the Red Hood moniker has been used a number of different times within the various Batman titles. 

One of the more notable instances has Jason Todd—the former Robin, who was killed by the Joker and resurrected by Talia al Ghul—donning a red mask and setting out on a mission to kill the Joker, as well as Batman for not avenging his death. Jason’s one-man mission of violent vengeance has made him a fan favorite.

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s “Zero Year” was the first time we encountered the Red Hood Gang in The New 52. Led by a man wearing the same domed red mask and cape as the original Red Hood from Detective Comics #168, they’re the first challenge Bruce Wayne faces on his road to becoming Batman.  Getting past them would prove to be very difficult for the young bat-in-training and once again seems to result in the birth of his most infamous foe.

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