These secrets aren't a trap!

The Waverider receives a distress call from a timeship encountering difficulties, but the plea for help actually comes from time pirates. Yep, time pirates are a thing! The team has to act quickly to keep themselves and the Waverider intact, and we learn some secrets along the way.

  • Who is Rick Starr, Space Ranger?
  • Who is Jon Valor?
  • Never tell me the odds!

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Stop traveling into the future now if you don't want to know more. But you know you want to keep going.





Keeping the Earth Safe and Sound

Is anything cuter than watching Professor Stein geek out about Rick Starr the Space Ranger? We think not. The hero who inspired a young Stein to build a rocket from cardboard debuted in the comics in SHOWCASE #15. Rick was the son of the incredibly wealthy Thaddeus Starr and used his family's money to transform into Space Ranger, a costumed hero with a spaceship and a hidden base in an asteroid field. He saved the world from threats such as aliens, evil scientists and an assortment of criminals.

Once a Pirate, Always a Pirate

Captain Jon Valor is the man responsible for attacking the Acheron and Waverider. He was a pirate in the comics, too—just one from a different era. Jon Valor, a.k.a. the Black Pirate, sailed into comics in ACTION COMICS #23. He was a 16th century privateer and worked for the King of England, and though he was always on the lookout for opportunities, he followed a certain moral code. At one point, he was kidnapped by the Lord of Time and taken to the year 3786.

Gideon Is So Very Helpful

When Ray goes into cardiac arrest, Gideon points out his chances of survival are less than 3,720 to 1. This matches the odds C-3PO gave to Han Solo in regards to successfully navigating the asteroid field in The Empire Strikes Back. It's one of several references to Star Wars in the series.

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