This week in an all-new WONDER WOMAN #49, Zeke, the infant ruler of Olympus is fatally ill, which is a nearly impossible feat for a god. Wonder Woman, desperate to find a solution to heal him, seeks help from of the mother of all creation, Gaia. But instead of help and healing, Diana encounters Hecate, a goddess of witchcraft, lurking in Gaia’s secluded temple.

Hecate offers her own version of help, which of course comes at a cost. Diana now must choose to put her trust in her newfound Olympian family, or risk their fury, in the hopes that Hecate can cure Zeke. Find out what writer Meredith Finch and artists David Finch (penciller/ inks), Scott Hanna (inks), Brad Anderson (colorist), and Rob Leigh (letterer) have planned for WONDER WOMAN #49!