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The #DCTV Secrets of SUPERGIRL: Ep. 13 "For the Girl Who Has Everything"

The #DCTV Secrets of SUPERGIRL: Ep. 13 "For the Girl...

By Amy Ratcliffe Monday, February 8th, 2016

Supergirl may bring hope to National City but her new series brings along with it secrets from throughout comic book history. We're here to tease you with all the #DCTV Secrets hiding in each episode. If you really want to know some of the answers to these questions, check out the spoiler section for super answers.

The skies of Krypton are filled with secrets.

Kara is whisked away to a world where Krypton still exists and she can have the life she's always dreamed of with her family. However, it's all too good to be true because it only exists in her mind. Alex and Hank investigate to learn what Non inflicted upon Kara, and we've done some investigating of our own to share these secrets with you:

  • The inspiration for "For the Girl Who Has Everything"
  • What is Black Mercy?
  • Who is Kelex?
  • A feverish birthplace
  • A Myriad of connections
  • Green's his color

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Stop flying forward if you don’t want to know any more. But who are we kidding—of course you do and you will.





What Do You Get for...

This episode is loosely adapted from a classic Superman story by WATCHMEN’s Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons. Published in SUPERMAN ANNUAL #11, "For the Man Who Has Everything" put Superman under the influence of the Black Mercy. He received the deadly plant as a birthday gift of sorts from Mongul (where's a gift receipt when you need it?!). Superman's heart's desire brought him a normal life on Krypton where he was happily married with children. Like tonight’s episode, “For the Man Who Has Everything” was something of a family affair and Kara Zor-El and Alura appeared in the story. In the end, Superman was rescued by Wonder Woman, Batman, and Robin.

“For the Man Who Has Everything” was also adapted for an episode of the animated series, Justice League Unlimited. To discover more about this story, click here.

Maybe the Most Vicious Plant Ever?

Did anyone else get a case of the heebie jeebies just looking at the Black Mercy? The invasive specimen of flora has affected various heroes besides Superman over the years, including Batman and Green Lantern. The plant creates the host's dream world by tapping into the host's nervous center and going after pleasure centers in the brain. Hosts/victims can escape the Black Mercy's grip by realizing something is amiss in their faux paradise, but that's easier said than done.

At Your Service

Kelex functions as a medical attendant, looking over Kara as she heals on Krypton. In the comics, Kelex was a robot that served Jor-El and made his debut in THE MAN OF STEEL #1. Later years saw Kelex repurposed as Superman's servant at the Fortress of Solitude, where he was known as Kelex II. Fans may also remember that the helpful robot also assisted Russell Crowe on Krypton in Man of Steel.

You Can Never Really Go Home

When Kara wakes up on Krypton, she's recovering from a bout of Argo fever. The illness has a tie to Supergirl's home in the comics. Argo City first appeared in ACTION COMICS #252 (which also marked the first appearance of Supergirl) and was one of the biggest cities on Krypton. The city survived the initial destruction of the planet thanks to protection from a dome.

A Plan with a Familiar Name

Non and Astra won't keep quiet about their evil plot that they think will cure the disease of humanity—the Myriad Project. Comics fans might recognize the name of their plan. Sasha Green made her debut as Myriad in SUPERMAN ANNUAL #5. Killed by Lex Luthor's clone, Sasha's body was left in a landfill where it was bitten by an alien parasite called Gemir. The Gemir revived Sasha and in doing so activated powers within her, including mind control.

He's Definitely an Autumn

J'onn knows what color suits him best. When he takes Kara's place at CatCo, he chooses to wear a green sweater.

Come back next week for more secrets!