Have you been reading MIDNIGHTER? Last month, Helena Bertinelli, aka Matron of Spyral, recruited Midnighter to go up against Task Force X to retrieve the powerful Perdition Pistol.

C'mon, admit it, you were excited when we revealed that this was happening! There's no chance Midnighter vs. Suicide Squad was going to be a bad comic!

So, with a little help from a crowbar, Midnighter headed out for some unabashedly violent, smart and fun skull-cracking.

Only Midnighter could quote Sweeney Todd (The Demon Barber of Fleet Street) and get cheers. But how's his singing voice?

Midnighter: Breaking hearts and jaws, and now ears. What an awesome hero. Sound off in the comments below!

MIDNIGHTER #9, written by Steve Orlando with art by ACO, Hugo Petrus and Romulo Fajardo, Jr., is available in stores now!