We're stealing secrets without breaking into Central City Museum.

Rip Hunter and Sara take a different tactic to slow Vandal Savage down. They try to freeze his finances, and the process leads them to new discoveries—including Rip's previous encounter with Savage that he conveniently kept to himself. Oops. Rip's attempt at taking Savage's life isn't the only mystery in the episode; we're here to blow the lid off some other secrets:

  • Jump into a bloodstream
  • Board a sinking ship
  • See heroic artifacts
  • Learn about a last name connection
  • Who is Jack the Ripper?

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Stop traveling into the future now if you don't want to know more. But you know you want to keep going.





Go for a Relaxing Swim in Some Vessels

A tiny solution solves the big problem of the dagger shards pushing towards Kendra's heart. The Atom shrinks himself to enter Kendra's bloodstream, and it's not the first time we've seen Ray Palmer use this technique to save a life. In one example from WORLD'S FINEST #236, the Atom is called upon to destroy a virus caused by tiny life forms called the "Germ Men." Lacking the proper controls on his costume, the Atom had to rely upon Superman to essentially squish him with a clap in order to atomize him and inject him into an infected girl's bloodstream.

Look Out for the Iceberg!

Ray cracks a joke about the Titanic to Professor Stein. It's especially amusing because Victor Garber played Thomas Andrews in 1997's Titanic.

Rip Hunter Has Quite the Taste for Artifacts

Rip has traveled all along the timeline, and some of the artifacts he’s collected in his travels serve as decorations in his parlor. The DC Comics Instagram has been dropping hints about the Easter egg-filled decor, including Ma Hunkel's Red Tornado helmet. (You can see all of them here.) Pause your screen when Rip's parlor is on the screen to see if you can spot the helmet and other relics in the background. Share your discoveries on Twitter with #DCTV!

Ray's Lost Fiancée

We know Ray lost his fiancée Anna during Slade Wilson's siege of Starling City. He mentions that her last name is “Loring.” This is a nod to Ray’s life in the comics, where the Atom married attorney Jean Loring. A different character named Jean Loring appeared in Arrow—she was a lawyer and friend of Moira Queen.

It's All About the Technique

Vandal Savage has had hundreds of lifetimes to learn from the best, brightest, and most terrible. He mentions picking up a method of severing the carotid artery from Jack the Ripper. The comic book version of Vandal claimed to have been responsible for a number of travesties, including using the alias of Jack the Ripper during Victorian era London—that is, of course, a reference to the unidentified serial killer active in the Whitechapel area of London in 1888.

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