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Ten Moments that Mattered: DC Fans Take Action...and Succeed!

Ten Moments that Mattered: DC Fans Take Action...and...

By Tim Beedle Monday, December 28th, 2015

The holidays are upon us and another year is in the books. But before we move on to the excitement of next year, we wanted to take some time to look back at 2015 and to reminisce about a few of the great things it brought to the world of DC Entertainment. Whether it was a remarkable development inside one of our comics, a cool, game-changing twist that played out on the screen, or a real-life change that will impact the comics, movies, TV shows, toys and games that you’ll be seeing from us in the future, this year had no shortage of moments that stood out. However, some resonated more than others. Some really stood out. These are’s “Ten Moments that Mattered” for 2015.


“It’s a great time to be a DC fan.”

We say that a lot around here, and it IS a great time to be a fan. But what’s the best time to be a fan? When does it feel like the absolute greatest thing in the world? When as a fan, you’re able to make things happen, and we saw quite a bit of that in 2015.

In June, DC Comics announced that in 2016 they’d be publishing a new six-issue Poison Ivy miniseries by Amy Chu and Clay Mann. Ivy’s a great character and has long been a favorite among readers, but support for Ms. Isley has risen to unprecedented new levels recently, particularly on social media. Just check out the #PoisonIvyLeague hashtag on Twitter if you don’t believe us. Or heck, have you looked at the #DCYou hashtag lately? Nearly half of what appears in it is Poison Ivy-related. Fans love the character, and you’d better believe that’s one of the reasons Poison Ivy will be getting her own comic next year.

But in addition to helping to bring about a new comic, 2015 was the year that we also saw fans help save an existing one. In September, DC announced that they were cancelling The Omega Men, the sci-fi thriller with deeply political undertones written by Tom King and drawn primarily by Barnaby Bagenda. The definition of underrated, Omega Men may not have as many readers as Batman or Justice League, but the ones it has are dedicated and weren’t shy about sharing that dedication on Twitter and Facebook. The outcry was instantaneous and loud, and when DC later reversed the decision and said they’d be giving The Omega Men the full twelve issues that were originally promised, so was the celebration.

Fans have a voice, and while it’s most often used to dictate what doesn’t succeed, we’ve begun seeing it used increasingly to foster success—to fight for things that are right on the cusp. And it’s not just comic books. When NBC cancelled Constantine after a single abbreviated season, fans took to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and just about any website with a comments field to lobby for another network to pick it up by using the #SaveConstantine hashtag. And while the fight for another season may not have proven successful, the fans nonetheless did win a pretty cool victory this fall when Matt Ryan’s trenchcoat-clad sorcerer made a return to the small screen on Arrow. Will we see him again? Producers have said that they have no plans, but if we learned anything this year, it’s that if fans are loud enough and organized enough, plans have a way of changing.

Be sure to check again tomorrow for another moment that mattered in 2015.