No matter where you live in this great world of ours, winter is about to get a whole lot colder. That’s because we recently announced our intricate, true-to-the-show Cold Gun Prop Replica. If you’re a fan of The CW’s The Flash, or even just a fan of Captain Cold and his gang of Rogues, you’re going to want to own this beauty. It measures 18” long x 8” tall x 3” wide, and boasts some pretty impressive LED lighting effects.


While we left out the cyclotron so you won’t be able to freeze your boss or the annoying neighbor down the road (don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it!), we’re very pleased with this new replica and we thought we’d show it off with a Collectible Close-Up. Check out the images below, and don’t forget that you can click on any of the photos in the gallery to zoom in. Plus, as an added bonus, you can also click on the blueprint above to download a printable PDF.

The Flash: Cold Gun Prop Replica will be available at your favorite comic book shop, specialty store or online retailer in May, 2016. That should be just in time for The Flash’s season finale, so make sure you get those pre-orders in now.