It knows what terrifies you. Those innermost secrets you hide away in the depths of your mind, never to reveal to anyone. The Clean Room brings those horrors to light, turning them against you and placing you at her mercy…

CLEAN ROOM is the terrifying new Vertigo series from writer Gail Simone and artist Jon Davis-Hunt. In it, a young, damaged reporter named Chloe Pierce goes undercover in search of answers about her fiancé’s suspicious death. Her investigation leads her to Astrid Mueller, a charismatic neo-prophet with thousands of devoted followers and a tendency to drive those whom she doesn’t inspire to horrifying madness.

Astrid’s opened the door to her secret chamber deep underground. She beckons you. Dare you enter? Before you do, we suggest you read the excerpt from Chloe’s notebook below…



It's no secret that I have no love for this woman, this mysterious and powerful Astrid Mueller. I admit my bias. I find I am unable to maintain a respectful reporter's lack of distance in this matter.

I was to be married, you see. To a photographer whose name you might know. He was successful, charismatic, and happy.

Until he discovered the writings of self-help guru Astrid Mueller.  Six months later, I found him on our kitchen floor, a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.  And Astrid's second book lying open on the counter.

Her first book is all but unavailable now. A cheap, odd, gruesome gothic horror novel with an unusual contains no punctuation in its 300 page length.  The legend that grew up around it is that upon completing the novel, one becomes either enlightened forever...

...or insane.

I present a mere sample of it for you to decide the truth.



and then i saw under the bed two glowing eyes and a terrible scent like the woods after a storm and i was stricken with a fear as a creature started to crawl out from under the bed it was a deer a huge deer only not fully formed like a foal fresh fresh from its mothers bleeding womb and its eyes were a red that somehow felt black even though they glowed as they looked at me I felt a cleaver appear in my hand and i chopped at its neck and was drenched in red liquid and its piteous cries made me weep as i hacked at it hacked at it hacked at it some of the cries it made sounded like words like a baby trying to speak and I remember for years after I would wake up hearing that baby cry saying words that I cant quite piece together was one of the words sky was one of the words angels I dont know and I cant say as I grew up and left home I tried to leave the woods behind but even in the big cities of the world I would look behind me to see that deer split open and its guts spilling out trailing behind it as I would walk to the subway I would be dressed for the opera with a date from work and there on stage would be the deer crying those words and begging for death a death that only I could provide

I hear it now do you hear it I am sure that I hear it now it calls to me it calls

Want to know more about the secrets Chloe uncovers regarding Astrid Mueller? Or the secrets Astrid discovers about Chloe? CLEAN ROOM #1 is now available in print and as a digital download. To learn more about the creative team behind the series, be sure to read their answers to our ten questions.