If you’re a comic book reader, you know the feeling. You’re reading a great story and are caught up in the action. Then you turn the page and find yourself looking at a piece of art that so perfectly captures the moment that you find yourself lingering on it, getting lost in its detail. Whether it reveals the scope of a battle, divulges a key character’s identity or perfectly conveys the emotion of the scene, it goes beyond excellence and enters the realm of perfection. It is, put simply, a perfect panel.

One Perfect Panel is a new recurring feature that identifies and examines these panels, presenting them for your appreciation and discussion. Some of these panels will be epic in scale, while others will be quiet character beats. But all will be masterful in composition and impact.

From Robin, Son of Batman #3
Pencils by Patrick Gleason
Inks by Mick Gray
Colors by John Kalisz

The above comes from near the midpoint of this week’s ROBIN, SON OF BATMAN #3. Damian Wayne has reluctantly teamed up with the new Nobody (the daughter of the original) to repair the damage he caused during the “Year of Blood” as part of the League of Assassins. They don’t trust each other and the collaboration has not gone smoothly, but in this key moment the pair realize that they’re not each other’s enemies and quietly share a moment together while Goliath sleeps peacefully in the foreground. It’s a powerful moment shared between two frighteningly young victims of dangerously misguided parents who are both trying to find some peace.

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