Have you been reading DETECTIVE COMICS? Gotham City - and the systems in place to protect it - has changed. Police procedure now includes a two-fifteen (it means Batman is out of his suit) and Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya are running point to Jim Gordon's offense. And how awesome is it that their base is in the Bat-Blimp!?

Speaking of the two-fifteen, Gordon let his guard down and, during one of those moments where he was laying down the law out of the suit (aka kicking some teeth!), the power core was stolen out of it. Gordon got played! Never turn your back on the suit, Jim!

So there's a band of thieves in Gotham City, and they’re about to develop a new weapon - the Bat-suit's core is basically a fusion reactor and it'll make a hell of a bomb. Is someone on the force involved? How'd the thieves know when and where the suit would be? Can Bullock trust anyone? Is Montoya working for Internal Affairs?

It's a good thing Julia and Daryl are able to run a trace on the core's energy signature. Once the core is activated in a new device, they can drop Gordon at the coordinates to get it back. Is it being used as a bomb? Is it going to level part of Gotham City?

It's worst than they imagined, and something none of us saw coming! See below for your first look at the JOKERBOT!!! This is a final page that's larger than life! That guy is twenty times the size of Bat-Gordon! Sound off in the comments below - can Gordon take down this Boss on his own?

DETECTIVE COMICS #43, written & colored by Brian Buccellato with art by Fernando Blanco, is available in stores now!