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First Look at Gotham's Newest Villains

First Look at Gotham's Newest Villains

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

There's nothing quite like family. Or in Gotham, nothing quite as fearsome...

Gotham’s second season is starting to come together, and if you thought things were going to get any easier for Jim Gordon and his fellow officers…well, you just don’t know Gotham City.

No, along with established villains such as the Penguin and emerging ones like the Riddler and (apparently) Barbara Kean, the heroes of Gotham will have to face a new pair of adversaries. Theo Galvan, who will be played by True Detective’s James Frain, is described as a billionaire who wants to save the city from itself, while his sister Tabitha will be Gotham’s take on the super-villain Tigress. Tabitha will be played by Gracepoint and Pompeii’s Jessica Lucas.

Earlier today, The Hollywood Reporter revealed two snazzy new Gotham Season 2 promotional images, which you can see below. Gotta love that whip!

Be sure to check out the original article for two additional images of the Galvans, and don’t miss Gotham when it returns to Fox on Monday, September 21st!