While you never get a glimpse of him, the trailer for The CW’s upcoming DC’s Legends of Tomorrow makes it clear that the immortal Vandal Savage is the threat the team will be facing when it assembles in 2016. Today the network announced that Danish actor Casper Crump (Tarzan) has been cast in the role.

Photo: Tom Lindboe Photography

Vandal Savage is immortal, having spent the past 6,000 years moving like a virulent disease through history, whispering in the ears of despots and dictators, all leading to his eventual domination of the world.


While the actor may not be a known name here in the United States, it’s hard to argue that Crump doesn’t look perfect for the part. First introduced in 1944, Vandal Savage has been one of the DC Universe’s biggest heavies for over 70 years, frequently going up against the Justice Society and most recently fighting alongside Etrigan the Demon and Madame Xanadu in The New 52’s Demon Knights. However, he’s never been brought to live action life before (though he’s appeared in animated movies and shows, including Justice League: Doom and Young Justice).

Crump will first be seen in the role in the crossover episodes of Arrow and The Flash, before continuing onto DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. This is also the same strategy being used for the character of Hawkman, whose casting was announced yesterday. Monday was actually quite a big day for #DCTV news, it turns out. We also learned who will be playing Lucy Lane on CBS's Supergirland that the 1990 Flash TV series is now available on CW Seed.

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