If you trust the propaganda, Victory is Assured in THE OMEGA MEN #2.

But even if you don't judge the comic book by it's cover, we want to convince you: Victory is Assured in THE OMEGA MEN #2. 

But, victory for who? Who are the Omega Men? Are they intergalactic criminals, or is there more to their actions than we're led to believe?

In the shocking first issue, the entire galaxy watched as the Omega Men murdered Kyle Rayner. Was this a victory? 

Was Kyle just a hook to draw us in? Will THE OMEGA MEN continue without a Lantern at it's helm?

Thankfully, no, the Omega Men left the former White Lantern with his head. For now. Kyle is very much alive, but the Omega Men are keeping him on a very short leash. The type of leash that causes your head to explode if you stray. 

So, don't believe the propaganda. There's no victory for Kyle Rayner in this issue, unless it's internal.

Is Kyle's faith the victory we're assured?

See below as Kyle, still healing from the bomb placed in his neck, unbandages his wound and recites the Green Lantern Oath. And check how he adds his own element of propaganda to his Omega Men uniform! It's a moment that will resonate with all Green Lantern fans, and lets us know that, even ringless and on his own, Kyle will always be part of the Corps! 

But will willpower be enough to keep Kyle from committing heinous crimes as the newest member of the Omega Men? Sound off in the comments below! And give us your best shot at the Lantern Oath! 

THE OMEGA MEN #2, written by Tom King and illustrated by Barnaby Bagenda, is available in stores now!