This June, the DC Universe returns in a big way with the launch of over twenty brand new comics along with the return of Batman, Justice League, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and the rest of your favorites. But as if that wasn’t already a great reason to visit your local comic book shop each week, this June you can also look for special collectibles celebrating the heroes and storylines of the DC Universe which you can use to show off your fandom all summer long.

How’d you like a sticker for your car that let’s everyone know you’re a student at Gotham Academy? Or a poster-sized blueprint for the high-tech new batsuit? Or how about lining your bedroom or dorm room wall with a Black Canary tour poster or a Darseid vs. The Anti-Monitor fight card? All of these will be available along with masks, temporary tattoos, bumper stickers and more—and you’ll only find them in comic shops.

Below, you’ll find a gallery of all of these must-have items, along with info about when each will be available.  So which one’s your favorite?

Each of these collectibles will be in limited supply and are guaranteed to go fast, so if there’s one you want, make sure you let your comic shop know. So do you think we have time to build one of those batsuits by Comic-Con?