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Time travel's a mother, ain't it?  Here is this episode’s #DCTV Secret you’ll be talking about tomorrow:

  • Who is Sister Snart?

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Meet the Golden Glider.

Lisa Snart.  It may not be a beautiful name, but she sure is.  And deadly, too.  In the world of DC Comics, Lisa is a figure skater who is fueled by revenge to turn to a life of crime—often crossing paths with The Flash.  Originally she used her specially engineered skates which create their own ice to glide her way into trouble.  Later, she became a meta-human in her own right with powers that let her soar through the air.  Lisa made her first appearance in Flash #250.


Bonus Secret!

Did you catch the first call-out of the Rogues?  Of course you did!  Cool, right?!

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