Last week, we asked for your questions about the new DC Collectibles that were unveiled at Toy Fair, and ever since then, the queries have been rolling in. We thought we’d start with one of the most frequently asked: How many points of articulation will be included in the new DC Comics Icons Action Figure line?

Well, to give you a good answer to that one, we need to backtrack a bit. In May of 2014 during our 100,000 Facebook Likes celebration, we asked you, the fans, how much articulation you preferred in your DC Collectibles action figures. The overwhelming vote was for as much articulation as possible. With that sort of response, we couldn’t help but hear you loud and clear, so during the development of the new Icons line, we aimed to develop a universal model that would load up our figures with articulation points.

Below is the complete anatomy articulation breakdown for our new DC Comics Icons Action Figures. Pretty cool, eh?

Be sure to keep an eye on as well as the DC Collectibles Facebook page for more answers to your questions. And look for the first wave of DC Comics Icons Action Figures in stores in November, 2015!